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ZigBee Modules



Meshreen ZigBee module are pin to pin compatible with NXP module.

Module variants are below,

Module Chip Power Antenna Dimension(mm) Compatible FCC ID  
MS5168-M00 JN5168-001 Standard PCB Antenna 30x16x2.8 JN5168-001-M00 n/a
MS5168-M03 JN5168-001 Standard u-FL connector 21x16x2.8 JN5168-001-M03 2AC2E-68M03
MS5168-M04 JN5168-001 High u-FL connector 30x16x2.8 JN5168-001-M06 2AC2E-68M04
MS5168-M05 JN5168-001 High PCB Antenna 30x16x2.8 None 2AC2E-68M04
MS5169-M03 JN5169-001 Middle u-FL connector 21x16x2.8 None 2AC2E-69M03

Module Pin Define:

pin define




  1. Building Application
    • Security
    • HVAC
    • AMR
    • Lighting Control
    • Access Control

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